This is BEST time of the year to follow professional cycling. The Tour de France brings all cycling fans together to watch the incredible three weeks of racing along with the non-cycling fans. Neighbors and co-workers will ask you questions remembering all those days you clicked in to your pedals and pedaled off on crazy adventures. There is no comparison with the three weeks in July where to top professional cyclists battle to triumph in Paris to wear the fabled Yellow Jersey!

Randy and Dean talk about the first four stages as they watch the ITT on stage five: https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/warrencyclingpodcast/WCP_ep_256_v1_-_63021_12.12_PM.mp3

See the link for Haute Route: https://www.hauteroute.org/

Link to the Gran Fondo National Series: https://www.granfondonationalseries.com/

The latest from Randy & Dean : Check out the latest podcast https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/warrencyclingpodcast/WCP_Ep_237_v1__-_2121_3.49_PM.mp3

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